To take captive everthing that enters my mouth and to take captive everything that comes out of my mouth so that I can give my mouth to God for His good pleasure

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where Have I Been?

If you have wondered where I have been, then you are asking a reasonable question. As many of you can relate, life has become very busy lately. I have decided with much hesitation to postpone this year's challenge for another time. I still plan to offer my mouth to the Lord, however, I am not taking the time to meditate, study, pray, and blog about the challenge. I simply could not keep up with the challenge....frankly, It is quite a challenge.

I appreciate all the readers and support you have given me. I plan to blog as often as I find time. My blogs will pertain to anything under the sun. So please come back to visit whenever you have a chance.

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